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Author Jiggerjaw
Tags action author:jiggerjaw featured playable rated
Created 2008-05-17
by 18 people.
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Description Well, it's been a while...since you've seen anything from ol' Jig. So, enjoy.

This map was featured on 2011-08-20

Something from ol' Jig!
Jig is really a swell person. In fact, I am partly reviewing this map for that reason. Oh, don't get me wrong, the map is definitely worth it. It's a well balanced romp where every aspect and mechanic has been attentively crafted. I love a map that uses locks like this one. Chuck in that form-fitting gold, and I am content. That said, it's not perfect, but I find it a very fun and organic experience. — Orion_

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You expect me to do something other than take you seriously after a trend of you saying negative things? Also, I am incredibly defensive, so yeah, there's that whole thing.
You're looking for things to take offense at and I'm not sure why.
The fact that I said I liked the map and that I thought it was a good choice doesn't tip you off?


He called me a noob. ethel, come back to me when you have been here for 6 years, and are a reviewer. Also, if you don't think that I should be reviewing old maps,. you obviously don't see the point of my reviews. The mapper is as important as the map in all cases. I have done this sort of review before (doghouse map) to highlight personality. The review is limited to 100 words, so I can't exactly spell it out for you.


Old? Let's get some five digit maps reviewed ;)


And I'm proud. 5.
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in reviews.


It'd take 225 more days to feature all of Jiggerjaw's good maps!
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stop featuring

old maps.


Did someone just call Jig a noob

Triple post

Can someone fix guiseppe's profile?
Thanks, 4.75/5
Let it be tkx3 or lucidium, compelling jumpers are extinct.


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Not bad

But on the other hand, not good.

Looks magnificent

the nan'd machiengun in the center is perfect, covers most of the map which brings action. This map is rewarding as soon as you get the lock switches. Not hard nor easy, it has balanced gameplay. Really fun overall 5aved.
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can't find a way to play this. didn't like.
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I don't like the paces in the tiles, and the enemy placement feels unrefined. This map feels like the tiles were more important than the gameplay.


Pretty awesome.

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tiles and door placement
a little bit easy, but fun

quite good

like the way it looks 4/5


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