Treading Glass

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Author Bunniesandsheep
Tags author:bunniesandsheep bunnylicious cookie image nreality race rated
Created 2008-05-17
Last Modified 2008-06-15
by 21 people.
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Description ===Image map===

play in Nreality 6c2 for full effect.

I had fun making this one. Sorta a cross between quigglebiggle and clunky monkey.

ignore the thumbnail. It's really bad.

To destiny and In_dub. My inspiration, my friends.


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lost demo

don't worry meta, I'm onto this one =D


Couple frames faster.
Demo Data
How hard it is to see in this map when you have to play under 256 colors (display - low quality / 8 bit) because N lags under anything higher.
22 frames faster.

suck it =D
Demo Data

2 frames faster

Demo Data
But yet, it still had looked good. Great flow. 4aved

too hard?


too hard

but the image is awesome!!
albeit a bit distracting


TBH its too hard for me, and is rather annoying me, I won't rate bad because of that, but I do have skill. The shiny glass look is too distracting, and too white, its distracts the eye more than it pleases. Overall i can see you put a lot into this, so I give you a 3.
but it's nothing like this one.

sorry you didn't like it, I guess it's just different opinions

Thumbs down

Sorry bunniesandsheep, this is the type of race I hate. The image is snazzy, but the map itself is finicky (by which I'm referring to misfirings) and really hard, especially those chimney-like climbs and that strange floorguard bit on the bottom right. So yeah... I didn't like it.

Maybe as a test, see if you like this map [], a race I also found to be hard and annoying.

It was?

I thought the mag was still running =[
too bad the mag isnt going anymore

Haha, we should

lets just collab instead :P


Shall we do a swap? =D


did you think i would bitesize something just for being shiny? who would do that!? i dont even have bitesizing ability, they arent handing out any for a while (well at least thats what my friend said...)
anyway this till deserves top rated

5aved, btw

this is why i want YOUR race-making abilities ^^

Freakin awesome

Love it, although, it's more fun without the image.

but thats easy enough to get around :D
Demo Data


I thought the image, however nice it was, was distracting and painful to watch for a long time. There were also so many enemies that it lagged a little for me, but it was partially made up for by the timing.
The flow was very nice, though, except I didn't like the bounceblocks in the top-right corner.


could you tell me why you gave it a 3/5? I'd really appreciate it.


Dude , this is the most lethal race i've ever seen , great job.

Sorry, it didn't (yet). My mistake.


Did this really just get Bitesized for being shiny?

holy shizzle!

this is amazing. i love the race and the image especially the cool shine spots. 5/5 you rock