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Author Losttortuga
Tags action author:losttortuga bitesized collab destiny lostdestiny losttortuga playable puzzle race rated
Created 2008-05-17
Last Modified 2008-05-17
by 58 people.
Map Data

Description Ok, this here is a very, very special race made by Destiny and Losttortuga.

Play it through, and it feels like normal, right?

Then you notice the two exits, one with a large amount of locked doors infront of it, when there are no visible keys on the map.

This is because it is not only a race, but a puzzle race, and if you are crafty enough to find the secret pathes, you can unlock the -special- door.

We have poured our souls into the making of this map, so we hope you enjoy being puzzled by it.

DON'T look at it in editor mode unless you really want to spoil the secret.

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Secret AGD-1

Shame this type of race never took off. Great.
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Sub-500 might be possible, but should be really fast.
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Great concept but the rocket on the far right killed me quite a few times. 4.5^/5
as a concept, at least. Either way, we need to collab. PM me.


watch demo
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perfect race



Here it is.
Demo Data

Jesus christ

That was amazing. Probably the best race Ive ever seen. 5aved one hundred times over. Damn this is amazing.

Completion demo. So many hidden paths in this race, it's freakin amazing.
I love the concept.
A high five!

Puzzle path.

Demo Data

puzzle path

5/5aved :D
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a lot of rates :D


Where's the last one???

Great concept, 5aved
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grabbed the fastest agd..
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Reminds me of NUMA's salad days.

I lost my demo.

however, on my first try I got all but one of the switches, and on my second I by chance found the last one.

I actually didn't think this was that good, just a bit of an extention onto maps like "I lost my keys" by jack of diamonds. The flow wasn't spectacular and it was quite short. On top of that, I can see 4 of the 6 keys, and the fifth was pretty obvious in it's path.

3.5. Nothing REALLY special in my opinion.


It's a more innovated version than that other multipath race you made. 5aved. Just fabulous.
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one frame faster than Losttortuga's and etdeshon's demos. o,o

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seriously... i didnt do this by looking at other demos or even looking in the editor. it was different to find it though... for me to find it, took me about 30+ tries. anyways, i give 5/5aved!
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Though I would have made it so that the exit with all the locked doors has extra gold so that you have to do it in order to get an AGD.
I'll play it that way now.

First try AGD.

Far too easy, but still fun.
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agd -2

it's insane. the best map i've seen in 4-5 months probably.
i would give a 10 if it was possible.
5aved and double-bitesized.
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Demo Data

Fantastic Idea.

I love it. Those secret paths are excellently hidden, and yet they still have good flow. 5'd, fave'd, size'd.

i love this map


Here's a demo

With the secret pathes, only watch if you are stuck!
Demo Data

Normal flow

other coming
Demo Data

Brilliant concept,

amazing tileset, great flow.
I found most of the secret paths by myself, but I did have to look in editor mode for a few of the more cleverly disguised paths, namely the second one. 5aved.
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i like it , the door with all the locked doors is really fun :) 4/5