Radio Planet

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Author Onesevennine
Tags action author:onesevennine bitesized featured hard playable rated
Created 2008-05-17
Last Modified 2008-05-17
by 59 people.
Map Data

Description Disclaimer: The tileset of this level will not work with zap drones, homing zap drones, floorguards, gausses, thwumps, rocket lauchers, or laser drones.

This I know because I attempted to make a level with each one of those before trying chainguns, which worked better than I'd expected. Now I know what they mean by "in the last place you look."

Thus, please enjoy this chaingun-based action level (with a bonus gauss section.)

This map was featured on 2009-01-14

"Control, this is Ninja. What's the situation?"

"Ninja, this is Control. The situation is hot, I repeat, hot. Active mines, gauss -crackle- urret..."

"Control, you're breaking up."

"... chai -crackle- drone, gold..."

"Control did you say gold?"

"... too not attempt to go..."



"Alright, I'm going in." — toasters

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classic map

Given the amount of hate it seems to have received then. It strikes me as typical of the more recent sort of reviews championed by gllommp, palemoon, etc.

Cool map too.




this one's pretty cool too.


I like this map. Hmmm, the chain gun does work well.

Agree with Nexx

about the review. I love the map though, just seems original to me. 4/5

Pretty good.

good job. 5aved


Really liked the review.
and jesus christ, remember zigzagoon.

goddamn filler pokemon

damn sentret

i always used to run into sentret on the first route in Gold. pissed me off. fucking worthless.



P.S. this map was hardly suffering a drought of attention before the feature too.


Selfish appears to be the right word, How many of the comments this map received actually praise/critique the map...

First try AGD.

Real ugly review. Makes a mess all over itself!

The map has too much gold imo, and the tileset is ugly. I loved the chaingun section.
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but it should be more on-topic (as in describing why the map is good).


one heck of a tileset/review


The review's not great, but it certainly doesn't suck. :)

un-fbf'd agd.

sooooo addictive. 5aved.
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un-fbf'd agd.

sooooo addictive. 5aved.
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I doN't get it...

but ya the review should say something about the map
make a 400 page essay, idc but maybe a paragraph should be about the map, not ninjas and control towers


I gets it.

Beauty map. Completion isn't difficult, but dodging the chaingun for AGD is great fun. I loved the tiles also, the aesthetic of this level was spectacular. I'm going to say 4.75/5.

you're right

reviews should be blaNd

see i capitalized the N because we play N

get it


Could still be faster
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i like what toasters wrote, very cool.
because reviewers should know better then allowing a review like this.


That brings back memories <3
who evolves from Sentret
Says nothig about the map. Doesn't say why its good. Doesn't even say what he liked about it.

It's a selfish review.

0/5 on the review.

Hold on,

what's an "urret"?
First try

This is really fun! 5aved
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4/5 Awesome.


the review was good...except it wasn't a review

*Goes to front page*
*Sees review*
*Is wowed by the amount of space taken up by the review*
*Reads review*
*Wonders why map is good*
*Recognizes map*
*Remembers that map was fun and well-made*
*Is about to play map*


horrible review

first try demo
Demo Data

how do i download this

Map is okay.

Review is frikin' fugly.