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Author funman
Tags author:funman dda lol unfinished unrated
Created 2008-05-18
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Description unfinshed tell me about it so far i would like to know
even though im not a dda maker
ill share some tips

1) dont put your bad guys last put them first that makes you can have closer aww fuck i forgot th word wait its comin back closer calls yeah!!(lol bad guys)

2) dont use launch pads often only if you cant find a way out

3)explore use difrent aww fuck not again wait yes purpuition
(i hate being a bad speller)

4)make it itresting dont be repetitive ok its uber boring

and well thats pritty much it no rate comment :D :)

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Any reason? :P

I like it so far.

Keep going.
BTW that description is hilarious. XD

P.S. - How old are you? Just wondering.