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Author shan1392
Tags author:shan1392 fun jigsaw playable unrated
Created 2008-05-18
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description Just a fun map I made. Shouldn't be hard.

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where there's bound to be slight tell tale, a rope here, a slight patch of messed up leaves, the soft snigger from people watching; there's no stupidity or lack of atttention when a person activates a n00b trap, they can have no idea there is a trap there. Even a huge pile up of gold on someone's first submitted map doesn't mean there is a n00b trap.

I thought...

noob trabs would be fun :P
it's just only one, man. And I can't believe you actually fell for it! Hah, and I always used to think that you're an awesome player.
It's like DDA's with launchpads, is the odd one that works within the map really all that bad, imo: no.


Maybe you didn't understand me correctly, I said the map was excellent ignoring the noob trap
Yes it's annoying that they appear everywhere on n00b maps but what about that one map that plays really well and you get a piece of gold and realise that you're stuck trapped but you're glad because you have an excuse to play the map again?
\devil's advocate
Good map on the most part.
but then came the annoying n00b-ish gold trap.