Cumulative Anger In Remorse

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Author mistaken72
Tags action-puzzle author:mistaken72 bitesized cool-tiles medium-difficult playable rated
Created 2008-05-19
Last Modified 2016-09-04
by 12 people.
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Description No.

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My ninja

is not liking you


See you soon.


nice tileset... i likey

and seven_two... ur on. lol
I'll miss everyone. Especially Fractalp. <3


I do not care you are leaving. I have never really /enjoyed/ your maps.
But, I guess I will say bye.

One more /ok/ author swept of NUMA.

fantastic map

shame ull be leaving tho




I loved it. I think this is a great map to go out on, even if you do post more maps in the near future. I'll still consider this your "last map" until you decide it is time to come back.

I hope you enjoy real life more than you have ever enjoyed it. I think the most important thing I can suggest you do is have fun. So good luck and have as much fun as possible.


I'll be waiting. Get inspired soon!



Hope to see you soon!