Ramblin' Man

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Author Losttortuga
Tags author:losttortuga rated tileset
Created 2008-05-20
by 12 people.
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Cool. You make awesome tilesets, dude!
for the map I made off of this A long time ago.
This map is also a part of my map pack.
If you want to see it it's called "Lost Memorial" and its on the forums.


I think I'll have to use this for a map later. 4aved.
Its boring. I know, the title says it all, but I dont see whats so special about it. You need to do more stuff like that one 'flag' map you did...I like that one. this, however, I do not. Hence, 3/5


Looks really nice, It's just the triangles seem off to me. The title makes me think of Led Zeppelin.

Holy crap

This is SICK!

*making map now*

Is it okay if i edit the tileset a little, just so the tiny ninja can go everywhere?

Im trying to follow your style :P


this would be awsome for a tiny map

(rushing to the editor to make one)


I was going to use this Lemon Jelly song. DDDDDDDDAaaaaaaaaahmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn.


love it, i like the top the most, the bottom looks kinda strange to me.