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Author TRT_Bardock
Tags author:trt_bardock n-art non-playable unrated wire-art wireframe
Created 2008-05-21
Last Modified 2008-07-28
Map Data

Description might just as well have some more fun while wireframes r the flavour of the season..
though i think there really is some untapped potential wid wireframes as far a Nart is concerned...

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dude! y did u disable the reatings?
6/5 if wouldve ben possible

lol, o and nice title "oO" - like a smiley right? "0.o" back at yuh


Change name to Portal. Would be 5.5/5 if possible.

Nice splice, n0valyfe.


id rate 5/5 if I could :)


Thats wireframe art taken to the next level.

The other top rated wireframes look similar in the middle, but you have extended onto it which makes it look even more brilliant.


very nice

i would rate 4/5