Ion beams

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Author Dead_N
Tags action author:dead_n bitesized drone-mod lasers playable rated teleporters
Created 2008-05-21
Last Modified 2008-05-25
by 38 people.
Map Data

Description -=nReality Needed=-

Well this my first drone mod map. If you get irritated by that laser sound, just press 'tab' twice.

Ded to fastest AGD :D


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You better pray to god AMLT doesn't see this, 'cause he's going to stomp on it like an angry bull.


thats very impressive.
Demo Data


exactly can I learn more about drone mods. I wanna learn them :P
And heres a speedrun for y'all
Remember, in drone and player mod levels, you have to load the demo first, and then the level.
Demo Data


Now I've always wondered if you could do that. I might use this in a map later, Will credit of course, amazing just amazing


Fun. But really hard. Anyways,
Demo Data

Now that

deserves a size if anything ever has.

I usually give good rates :) and I loved the concept, laser drones which never stop shooting! (Actually, a competition shouldn't be too hard for this map)

If I get the Ded, please don't capitalise the "x"

Demo Data contains my first AGD (yeah the one I posted was my second), which I accidentally made in Speedrun.
Demo Data


Xaelar actually played your level and 5aved it. o__O!
That's like the greatest achievement! :P. Oh and congrats on your first bitesize!!!! Im so happy, (for you :P)

Oh the level, I'll give it a 4.5. Didn't like it as much as the rest of the people liked it. It's too hard. :(
Anyway, its your first mod and your first bitesize! I can't hardly believe this! :D :D!


You can watch it in Userlevels, 85.900 is the time.
5aved, great work, well placed gold, sweet drones ;)

(Demo Data)
Demo Data

Idea is great.

Execution is not.


dead_ns first bitesize :P


You must be a noob, because in the beginning of this description it says NREALITY NEEDED.
Friggin retards (I hope you didn't rate)
With no place to hide from the drones, and there being so damn many of them, this is practically impossible to complete. AGD is too much to even fathom for me.

Too damn great!

This is perfect! 5/5!






You're making great progress making good maps one after the other , great job , keep up the good work , 4.5/5

to damn hard....

Demo Data


How am I to make a demo when the drones don't work correctly in Ned?