Organ Donor

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy bitesized playable rated
Created 2008-05-24
Last Modified 2008-05-25
by 21 people.
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Description Made to "Endtroducing..."

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except the gold in the middle
Demo Data

woah, fuck!

you got the last /two/ bitesizes? wowowow!


although too much gold I'd say and I didn't like the bottom left pentagon. Did you know this was the last bitesized map ever that is quite a cool thing to have.


A messy speedrun, at least.

Last bitesized map. ;_;
Demo Data

brilliant level!

4 (would be a 4.5 but the new numa doesn't let me)

faved it as well

The last bitesize.

Heh, we don't actually know who sized it.

Brilliant album

So far has lasted the test of time. Mutual Slump is probably my favorite song. Cool map too.

And I never got to be part of it. *Snurf*
It's brilliant! 5aved!

the last bitesized map ever?

Very cool tileset

but I feel like I've played something very similar to this from you before. Hmm, I can't rememeber.

i love the idea

of how the exit door is in the open but you have to go around to get it. It seems like those maps where yuo have to choose between a very easy finish or AGD, but id isnt. THAT is cool!

that was fun.