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Author toshosoft
Tags action author:toshosoft playable rated
Created 2005-08-25
by 17 people.
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Description Yeah, I know that the name is dumb.
Anyways, I`ll be very surprised if I see all gold on this one. I`d like to see some speed demos though
Rate, comment, post demos, and, of course, have fun :)

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Damn right, tosho.
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All gold

But not completion. Would have been, but I'm too impatient :/
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Not fastest(duh)

But still pretty fast
Oh, trib4lmaniac, I hate you :)
Demo Data


no problem. =)

3rd time

Thanks Eldrial :)
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use this route. it's better, but i couldn't complete it.
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Sorry Eldrial :)
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aw, nevermind. damn you, trib4l.

1017 frames

Fastest demo ever!
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Demo Data

Thanks tktktk

I'll keep that in mind :)
Gold on switches is ugly.


Even faster completion >:)
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That's better :-D
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Faster completion
Also, thanks for the vote :)
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Not reeeeeal fast. But still! Great map, 4.5
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