I sploded it

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Author formica
Tags author:formica playable rated survival
Created 2005-08-26
by 17 people.
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Description My first survival map in an age. Enjoy!

(To me, since I added the drone based on forum suggestions, it seems to be free of any special spots. But, of course, now it's very very hard to survive for long at all. Oh well- I still like it.)

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you kind've get the idea...i survied
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Nice map

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Not that bad a demo. Great level. 4.5/5
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I like it

really awesome map!!! here's a demo
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what a waist of time that was
Formica, Formica whoever you are,
mysterious your wonders are.
Never cease to a-maze me.
Formica fills me with glee.
Formica I know my demo sux,
my fate it seems will end in luck.
You rated my map that I dedicated to you.
For that I am grateful too.
Formica, Formica I have to go.
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nice map

but it's more of a fluke whether the rockets get to you or not.
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I really suck

W00T! i died within about half a second!

me likey

this is a really nice survival map. awesome use of drone, no matter how annoying... My demo... it sucks
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