The Hollow

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Author n0valyfe
Tags action author:n0valyfe cave playable rated
Created 2008-05-27
Last Modified 2008-05-27
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Hey, this is my first map submitted to Newma, and I think it turned out nicely. Sure there is only 1 enemy, but you can't escape it. General completion isn't too hard, but surviving long enough for an AGD is the harder part.

Tell me what you think.


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omg phew!!! I opened the .sol and while my brother was watching, he admitted he edited it to get back at me because of a prank I pulled. He just added a character to the start to corrupt it. Its fixed now. now I have all my data back. Thank god!!!!

Now I can properly playtest my maps with underclock

I checked it

The .sol file is gone completely, unless Nreality runs off the N 1.4 .sol I don't think its coming back. I think the .sol is only there because I finished some levels before checking for it

Oh no!

Wow, that really sucks.. try going here [] to learn about .sol's. Try to find yours and see if it's corrupted. Or figure out what's wrong. If nothing works.. Well, I'm really sorry. I beat the first three columns on a web server, and I had to redo them. It didn't take too long. I hope you can finish them quickly also.


All my N data is gone... wtf... I completed almost every column from 1.4 and 4 columns from Nreality.


Thank God

you're back.. I checked out your profile. Good thing you're making more maps!
I'd give it a 4.5 but rounded up. Great map

Off topic.. OutrightOJ, isn't that Dead_N's avatar?

(And if someone wants to make me one, I'm all for it =P)


prpperty is back too! I like your avatars and also my avatar lol
Thanks for the comment. The mines were placed purposely between each bounceblock so that it added some trickery.

<3 your avatar too :)

P.S I made mine in photoshop lol


N0valyfe is back!

Thanks for messaging me on Metanet forums. I kinda stopped playing N, but now I'm getting back.

Map is great. I especially liked the gold placement - the map looks nice and clean, but theres actually a lot of gold. And the mines are placed pretty good. Four little mines, and I died like 30 times out of 50 on them :X. Also, I liked the possibilities of closecalls. Thats why I made this 5k frame lenght AGD demo with A LOT of closecalls. Closecalls gets mad after I get all the gold.

So thats all about the map. I should get back to my incomplete DDA...

P.S. <3 your avatar :P
Demo Data


Keep an eye on it ;)

Oh right...

You meant the profile not the maps lol. Yes, I have checked out your profile.

Well, yeah.

For your letter maps of course!

Yeah il have a look

Did you check my profile?

* If the

Hate typos XD


I fthe rocket usually isn't chasing you, it would be no fun. Also, n0val can you check out some of my maps? I'll check out yours too (if I haven't checked all of them out already!)


The rocket was purposely placed there so that you couldn't hide.
but otherwise a good map


i'll do that sometime.

Hey OJ

Thanks for the comment. Check out my profile if you get time, it sheds some light on whats happening with my map making


Good to see you back making maps, mate! This is a good map, too. Nice, simple and pretty fun.