Rapid Bullets

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Author shan1392
Tags author:shan1392 bullets n-reality unrated
Created 2008-05-27
Last Modified 2008-05-27
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Description ===================
My first Drone mod, Nreality needed!

This level is only for the pros because they complain that my levels are too easy. So here's a difficult one. Njoy!

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he is NOT a moron, you can't call him that, he's been here for awhile, he even greeted me here.

oh, and, he doesn't have that manny mouths. he's human.

BTW, i dont have NReality™, but, 2


you don't have to open the drone doors, this need play testing


I don't like the idea...and since when is a user stupid enough to complain about levels being 'too easy'?

I like the idea

but tileset and design aren't so good.