Cool DDA

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Author mario4
Tags author:mario4 chaingun dda laser rated rockets thwump
Created 2008-05-27
Last Modified 2008-05-27
by 8 people.
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Description I have not worked so hard, but I have worked in 3 days, so I hope you enjoy. ;)

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I need help to make better DDAs

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The enemies COMPLETELY ignore the ninja. There's no excitement and no need to rate and it's soo laggy.


It was too laggy, and there weren't any close calls or excitement at all.

is it just me

or did you submit your map like 3 times...

laggy...but it has its moments

sorry i meant "but not too much"

just kidding, it lagged on my pc but too much
i like it

- how do you guys make those bounce blocks launch you?
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Submitting the same map multiple times is considered spamming.




i like it.