The Name Not Spoken

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Author Atilla
Tags all-gold author:atilla featured jumper playable puzzle rated thwumps
Created 2008-05-28
Last Modified 2008-05-28
by 50 people.
Map Data

Description It's all about the thwumps. The gold is for those who want an extra challenge, of course.

This map was featured on 2009-05-12

The shard of crystalline tiles protrudes from the bottom left of this map as though it were a beacon of some sort, beckoning one reach the top. It's not that there's some sort of wonderful prize when you reach the top either. The way this was developed makes reaching the top an achievement in its own right. The action becomes even more intense as you dodge thwumps and jump into "shelters" of mines to collect gold (if gold is your thing). If getting to the top doesn't kill you then surely getting to the bottom of the other side will. — origami_alligator

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And finding it really hard.
Now it's much easier,
Death demo.
I would go for an AGD but I don't really have time.
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Cool Thwumps.

I liked the use of 'em.

very good.

cool use of thwumps.



map is of a spanish landmark named
'La Grada Sa Familia'
It means 'Familiar Church', but it hasn't been complete.
5/5 awesome!
if anyone cares

Already 5aved this.

And that still holds. :)

Loved every bit.

Couldn't beat the whole thing, but still had loads of fun.

I love the bottom

getting through the top is hard but still fun and challenging in its own right.
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good feature

good everyting

there did it

nice ideas... 5/5
Demo Data

First try Faster xD

lol. 5/5
Demo Data
great tileset, ok gameplay.
Aaaand faster than rozer!
Demo Data

well done

i would write out a comment explaining what i like and didn't like, but the review pretty much did that already. 4.5/5v

southpaw beat ya to it, gloomp.
Pretty fantastic, yeah.


first try
Demo Data

Hey look I AGD'd this a while back. :]

Great choice.

Liking the map

Yet the tiles look somewhat...ummm...let's not talk about it.

I was stumped for a while. Nice choice.
The thwump concept was fairly awesome; but the right gold was a little tempremental + some more would be nice ^^. 4/5
is absolutely beautiful.


Here is an AGD completion (finnaly!). Every thing was perfect especially the placement of the gold. 5/5aved
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Good thwump useage.

Neat tiles as well.
It's good. I might feature this.


An easy five. I'd bite it if I still could.

Someone feature this?!

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forgot u cant rate .5's any more... 5/5 then

I love this map

both the gameplay and tile set is awesome. 4.5/5

It looks cool

But I can't decide on a three or a four. It's above a D-, but it's not 'very good.'

Very nice,

I loved the aesthetics, and the use of thwumps. 5aved.

I like.

I like.

Really cool map