I Got A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

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Author notkitt
Tags action author:notkitt collab hippie playable rated
Created 2008-05-29
Last Modified 2008-05-29
by 9 people.
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Description There's only butterflies

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Like, yeah!

What spect said!
I really liked it!

First try.

3/5, nice map.
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I think this map is fair, but it's far from outstanding.
The top switch is completely wretched. You need to go there, and the way there is just a piece of a shit-walk. Yes, try walking through shit, and you'll know what this switch meant to me: first you need to do a really silly double wall jump, because one wall jump isn't enough to get on the third top "drop" and then you just walk there. Make it a little more challenging. Hell, at least add some gold! The whole top part of the map is just poorly filled out. You almost could've made that map in half the space.
The mines in the bottom left part might look nice, too, but truth to be told, they're worthless. Do you see me evading them much? I just fall through this nicely shaped piece of map. Yes, it is nice. Think of it this way: if you had put up a one-way on the mid-left so you couldn't fall down into the pit, the map would've been a little more challenging.
But this way I just all-golded it within 3 minutes.
I think that's all. A good two.
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I love it

reminds me of the epic.
anyways, i really liked the bottom right and middle, but the mine cave was surreal. The scale/raindrop shaped things worked well with the space and rockets. this deserves a 5

I helped

So rate 5 for me.

I'm just testing the BBCode as this is my first comment in the newma

and its raining

so i made a demo
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