Curly Fries, One Dollar

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Author notkitt
Tags action author:notkitt nreality playable rated
Created 2008-05-30
Last Modified 2008-05-30
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description Press J

And I wanna see highscoring on this too!

(incluye made the tileset)

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Oh and

turtles's comment is hilarious.


I did the right and middle first, and on the left side my heart was pounding (which is always fun). Anyway, the left side has one too many enemies IMO. And I found the mine placement to be too restrictive and the gold placement to be forcedly difficult. 3/5.


highscoring function


this isn't an nreality map

Dude, seriously. Credit me. For the tileset.
but I'm just a turtle
what do turtles know?
Pretty good map very good tileset good gameplay as well its quite fun scaling the "curly fries" while avoiding drones. Havent really made a good demo yet im working on it. Maybe tomorrow during english...

Nice map!

I just think it is a little too hard. Cut back on the difficulty. example, the upper right: there's a chaingun with no cover. maybe add an easier enemy to dodge when there's nothing to hide behind.

2 2's

with no commments?