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Author Dead_N
Tags action author:dead_n drone-mod hard laser-drones playable rated
Created 2008-05-31
Last Modified 2008-05-31
by 8 people.
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Description -=nReality Needed=-
Yay, another laser drone mod map. I think this is a little harder to AGD than my previous one. But I've included an AGD of mine, just to clear things up.


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jeez, pretty rough.

Nice concept, but the terrian was too jagged to establish any clean pathways through the level so at parts it was just kinda "I'll jump and hope I don't die". I second what Tribulation said, probably woulda been more fun with just one drone on each level. 3/5


fun, good gold placement

no demo for now cuz i suck...
But using two drones was a bit too much.
but it was too hard when there were 2 firing at once. the end was the best part, because you only had to beat one at a time.



Bit to hard.

It's a good idea and all, but . . . I dunno. 3


I reckon some people can do faster
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