Simple Challenge 5

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Author squibbles
Tags author:squibbles challenge corner jumps simple unrated
Created 2008-06-01
Last Modified 2008-06-01
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Description Corner Jumps

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Can't do it...

I don't think.

Second jump...

I don't think that the third jump is possible, but i'll have a go.
Demo Data
but this is the first one. Second jump was 198 frames. Will try to get another one...
Demo Data
and I'll post why those doors are there soon...there is a purpose.

3. Jump

The last one is ungetable for me..

I only get jumps like this one..

PS: A good map 5/5
Demo Data

2. Jump


McLucker is back :D
Demo Data

1. Jump


I am a n00b in corner jumps
Demo Data
o yea... i think i cheated in the first and second jump becuz i didnt corner jump...:D

second jump

Demo Data

first jump

Demo Data