Greece Rising

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Author mammaletto
Tags action author:mammaletto multipath playable rated
Created 2008-06-02
Last Modified 2008-06-02
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description For Excel: Design and Conquer
Round 5F - theme - multiple paths
There are many routes to be discovered...

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I agree with spudz.

Quite fun, though the stair things were a bit annoying.

4aved. :D
But the map itself was very well done, so I can't complain. 3.5 up

Fun map

I like how the drones are set up so that if you're hitting the switches from the bottom, the last pair allows for a really fast run, then blocks the road, then allows for a slower run. 4/5

I know this isn't the fastest AGD on NReality, but it's the fastest AGD here:
Demo Data

Cool map.

I like the whole overlapping thing.

looks wonderful

and plays well too.

Very Cool

The demo is me getting agd then dying. :( Very great map though. Climbing up the stairs is kinof annoying but meh, 5/5
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and yes, I know it's possible to get the switches from below
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