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Author thebrain
Tags author:thebrain dodecahedral playable polytope puzzle unrated
Created 2008-06-05
Last Modified 2008-06-05
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Map Data

Description In this map, the aim is to get every piece of gold and the key before returning to your starting point and exiting.
You can only use each door once.
To make the map harder, there is an additional constraint: you must reach the areas marked 1, 2, and 3 in that order.
This map is based on the graph of the regular dodecahedron.

See also: Euler Paths by me
Graph Theory by Nexx

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It was pretty fun. 4/5

Sorry if you didn't want demos.
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The puzzle is basically to find a Hamiltonian cycle for the corners of a dodecahedron, in case you were wondering.
Completeion is easy, but getting the all-gold route, as I presume is the whole point, will be interesting....
oh it's not that hard. Whatever, you can find these in puzzle magazines, these are proper puzzles, not find the glitch and dodge the rockets stuff.
I could send these to alot of people who'd love them just as a screenshot. Nexx's is the hardest of these, I like the tileset as well, a little distracting but cool. Faved.