And then he spoke...

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Author Etz
Tags action author:etz medium mines rated rocket
Created 2008-06-05
Last Modified 2008-06-05
by 6 people.
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Description Please ignore the thumbnail and the look, concentrate on how fast you get your agd because it's worth a dedication.

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ded goes to Nexx

--competition closed--

nice demos.

thank you all for commenting and rating.

Nice route, SkyRay!

I shaved off a few frames.
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fastest so far..
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Lil' faster again

I hope mam doesn't come in and burst my bubble.
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Slightly faster

It's a fun challenge. I liked it. 4/5.
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i guess..i forgot to mention it was made in ten minutes, bhut this statement doesn't really solve the problem of awkwardness..


fun I s'pose.
Not really something i'd come back to that often.
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3.5 or 4. Not bad.