N -Reloaded-

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Author Dead_N
Tags author:dead_n chaingun-drones dda multi-enemy rated
Created 2008-06-09
Last Modified 2008-06-09
by 30 people.
Map Data

Description -=Press 1 before playing=-

Wanna here something funny? This actually started out as a random level with 12 chaingun-drones with only a ninja who died in the beginning, just because I wanted to listen to the sound effects. What can I say? I love the sound of bullets.

This is the kind of DDA that can be created in 1-2 weeks(at least by me). But due to my brothers' existence, it has been stretched to almost a month. Oh well, at least it's complete. I could've made it longer, but due to the fact that trap-doors block bullets, there wasn't much that I could do.

Oh yeah, and huge thanks to PsychoSnail, for wasting his own time to help me out on a spot when it seems that your DDA can't go any longer. Thanks bro.

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i turns out

the whir of a thousand chainguns warming up is quite a terrifying sound. i will have n nightmares now. :)




HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


...........5AVED! :O :O

By the way,

Thanks for crediting me. Glad to help any day. :D


I love chaingun ddas. I like how you placed the chainguns all around the map instead of on just one side. I only remember seeing one other like that, "From All Angles" by LordOfPeanuts. Even though yours doesn't have as many chainguns as From All Angles, it's much longer.
5aved. We so need more ddas like this.

I agree with southpaw and Be_Happy. Not bad, but there's not as much through-the-bulletsing as I would prefer.

Still, it's kind of Firing Squad -esque, and for that you get props. 4/5.


Amazing, the best dda in the last few months.

*stops music*, *loads map*, *chainguns fire*, *ears hurt*, *(=*



not the best. above average but not worthy of a 4.


the lagging thing works, u can see the bullets!

Holy moly!


It's pretty good.





most of the time it seems that N moves away from the bullets. Try to make him go threw the chain gun fire more.


more I canĀ“t say to this map

i like lazers

better :P


You can read my previous comment for an extremely weird way to see the bullets

reall good dda

the only drawback wid chaingun ddas being that u cant see the close calls as clearly as in other ddas using rockets etc...
4.5 rounded off to a 5 :P

<3 It

5aved, very fun.

Awe- Awe-

if you can find a way to make flash player lag, I tried it by adding a LOT of gold outside the border, works great ^^


thats a lot of bullets.