You Collect Sand? Me Too!

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Author sTalkR
Tags author:stalkr fun mine-jumperish playable puzzlish rated
Created 2008-06-10
Last Modified 2008-06-10
by 12 people.
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Description this is my 20th map (WOOZA! what a tremendous achievement!^^), and also probably one of my better ones. it's hard and requires one or two tricky jumps, but it's perfectly possible. there might also be a few twists that will reveal themselves to you once you play the map. not really a puzzle though, the path (more or less) lays itself out right in front of you.

this will keep you occupied, i promise =) comments/criticism as well as demos are appreciated.

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Not bad

4/5 it looks very nice

Very well made.



in case you need it.
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