Mud Slides

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day column continued featured preview rated
Created 2008-06-10
Last Modified 2008-06-10
by 34 people.
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Description Eventually.

This map was featured on 2008-07-01

Perfection is the only way to describe this map. "Mud Slides" shows how a map can be very hard, and yet very enjoyable. Using a very simple yet effective tileset, Mud Slides shows lord_day's innate ability to make every aspect of a map clearly thourght out and extremely fun. Great for both highscoring and casual play, this map makes other maps cower at its sight. I absolutely love this map; lord_day is just a plain amazing map maker. — cucumber_boy

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After playing this again, I didn't find the bottom right gauss to be any threat to me at all.

Still, my rating of 4 stands. Nice map. :D
That is thought there'd be more?

I like it a ton

just don't like how you go down one side and up AND down the other side...
but thats just me being OCD


hehe 5/5
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Insane mam.

Just awesome.

The idea was cool

But going up was just too much of a pain to me. 4/5


go mam. :)


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your flaming is worse than the review.


i liked it. it was pretty hard......

Woah there Turbo

Flaming on every front.
By your tendencies, you seem quite young and naive. If you're older than me (which you're probably not, because I've seen a picture of you), I feel bad for you.
By the way, you could've put a shirt on for that picture. Once again, you just seem like you're trying to prove something.

That's not directed at you, atob, in any way. Your posts are completely valid. It just seems to me that getting priveleges taken away for trying to be funny is a little over the top for a game site.


the review wasn't that bad, jeez. I thought it was funny. Seems like everyone around numa and the forums is so extremely serious that any little thing anyone does anymore is completely unacceptable. Since when is being unique such a bad thing? Don't take this the wrong way, but please lighten up people...

I think the point

was more that the humour was a little overdone for most.

I agree that we should be free to have some fun with reviews to a point, but there has to be a cut off. The choices of maps themselves seem to be provocative enough. If we're going to help this evolve into a valid feature for the community perhaps we should try to avoid such ham-fisted humour?

Saying that, this site is all about being creative and C_b is obviously intelligent and considerate enough to have not done this just to provoke for the sake of it. I may not have 'got' the review, but others may have found it humorous.

Regardless of the above, comments such as the one IABH made below are more than uncalled for.


How old are you? How old do you think I am?


Your humor is obviously different to ours. You're just a kid. You always seem as though you're trying to prove something, and frankly, it just makes you look like an idiot. Just shut up for once. Stop challenging authority and go outside for once.

P.S. - 4/5. I remember playing this a while back. It's not you're best, but it would definitely be for most authors.
I did my homework for this review, amking sure everyone who saw it thought it was acceptable. I think an excess of 5 people saw the review and all deemed it worthy for submitting. Btw, the writing was in Elmer Fudd style, not priest guy.

Woah Woah Woah

You disabled me arachnid, what ever for? The whole point of having featured maps is to get a feature that is notable and rememberable. That is the only thin I am trying to do with my reviews, making the so that people remember. I am in no way making a mockery of featuring. I also made sure, and check with several people to make sure it was gramatically accurate, and funny. Being funny, in my opinion, is essential to writing a good review. This was a good review, but if you don't want me to do something like that in the future, then I wont. I knew there would be some people who would not like it, as there is with ever review, but I didn't think it would ever get me disabled. That seems a little over the edge to me. The whole point is to get the map attention through a review, and I believe that my reviews, if nothing else do this.
He had replaced all his r's with w's, essentially. If you had read it aloud it probably would have sounded like the priest guy from The Princess Bride.

Review fixed?

What was wrong with it?

Review fixed.

I've fixed the review, and disabled the reviewer (pending an explanation, which had better be Really Good).

what the...?

the rewiev looks like it has been done by a 5 year old, very ugly and i do not find it funny at all. i thought this was a serious site...
I agree.

I like this map as a concept, but it's certainly not my fav l_d map. Cool idea for sure though.


Not very fast. The map looks good, and I guess it's fairly interesting, but I had absolutely no fun playing it.

Also that review is terrible. I am hating featured maps more and more every day.

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Not nearly as cool as Life247's tho...
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pretty tough

but I like it a lot :D

pretty slow demo
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someone want to improve? 4 because the gausses did naught.
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the feature is funny. did i hear someone say the word "gimmick"? hmm...must be hearing things. oh well.
as to the map, good use of the tileset. i like the simplicity too. 5/5


But fun!

Awesome idea



I am knee deep in exams. As soon as they are done, I will be there loads.


very, very hard.




Get on IRC man. I haven't seen you for over a month now.
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Damn this is hard

but only to get back up