Those darn stressful exams!

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Author Dead_N
Tags author:dead_n contest medium noobish playable unrated
Created 2008-06-10
Last Modified 2008-06-10
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(Follow the link to find out why I've made such a n00bish map.)

Aaaaaaah!!! Is it school or a torture chamber? I think my head is going to explode from all that friggin' studying going on! What the hell is the problem with examiners, why do they make exams so damn tough, huh? HUH!? If an examiner was standing right in front of me, I'd blow his guts apart with a double-barelled shotgun, yeah. I try to stay calm, I try to chill-ax, but no, I still get invaded by EXTREME TENSION that emerges from the exams I attend. My brains gonna burst anytime, and I'm definitely going to direct the complete blame on those retarded school staff! That's my face in there, blood is coming out of my mouth, I have that much STRESS! I hate exams! Stress, stress, stress! Why I oughta......

P.S The level is playable, try an AGD, seriously, you'll be surprised how easy it is.

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#@$*! I hate School.
You are still in school?! I was let out about 3 weeks ago...
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Random =\= Spam

WHT THE....?

what the hell were you thinking when you made that?!
hehe, man I love it. :P

Just 1 more day to go! Then we'll be freeeeee.
Party at my place by the way.


but my school let us out weaks ago, the exams are over

I agree.

For real.