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Author GEO_MPr
Tags author:geo_mpr fast race tricky-tricky unrated
Created 2008-06-11
Last Modified 2008-06-12
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Map Data

Description For this map i would like to thank Riobe for inspiring me to make a race map.
"Thanks Riobe"
This is my first race map so don't go to hard on me.

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Some advice:
let the ninja run!!! You dont have to add useless jump pads!!!!

The rockets kill u at the top. Also, so do the jump pads if you actually run it.

Don't place gold all over the place. Let there be a small area of gold in each part. Plus, too much gold delay here.

U could maximize your space so that u can make the race longer without the gold delay.

Use these, and fives will come your way. :)


Launchpads = bad

see demo
Demo Data


For those of you who are having problems with this map here is the demo data.
Demo Data