Behind Closed Doors- Rise Against

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Author wumbla
Tags action against author:wumbla rated wumbla
Created 2008-06-15
Last Modified 2008-07-24
by 6 people.
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Description From Ryzor's tileset "Remorseless" ( )

This is a DED to Ryzor, for rating and commenting on almost all my maps.

You can win 3 diffrent ways. The first two you need to get both switches (in the legs) to the doors, then get the key in one arm then go to the oposite arm to win. The 3rd way is a real challenge, you need to get both switches in the legs (like the first two) then get both the switches in BOTH arms, after that you need to go get the exit key on the guy's nose then go to his belly button to the exit.

First person to get AGD OR go the 3rd way gets a DED.

(simple completion included (for testing porpases))

Behind Closed Doors- Rise Against ( )

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tileset: awesome




You really like rise against!




I absolutely love the arm route(s). Great rocket racing there. The torso one wasnt as good, but I liked the climb with the one ways being facilitated by the thwump, and the crossover of the laser beams. I'd have to say 4 for using this TS (wasnt even meant for gameplay, so props to you!)

Thanks for the DED man, I appreciate it.


This level has great art, and the level itself is pretty good.

Simple Completion

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