Special FX - 9.1

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags 9 author:evil_bob featured mobius rated
Created 2008-06-16
Last Modified 2008-06-16
by 29 people.
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Description Möbius []

Note: This map has a trick to it. See my demo if you are confused.

Doublenote: This map wont work in userlevels. Sorry.

This map was featured on 2008-06-25

Evil Bob has done it ladies and gentlemen, contrary to Dave's decision that nothing more can be done with N, Bob has come up with a brilliant innovation, based around an enjoyable map. Rather then tell you what happens, I am going to merely suggest you play it, because it really is too good for words. — squibbles

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So yeah you obviously didn't see. =)
a fake death. big whoop.


I've done this in a map before, but I was scrutinized for the reasons identical to mintnut's.

Even still, it was enjoyable.
It's sparks creativity in my own mind. ^_^


Pretty fast AGD

Very cool map. My only complaint is that the ninja doesn't always hit the mine after the teleport.
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Loved it.

It felt like a knytt map. Great job.


well even though I disagree with some stuff you said about cheating death, thanks =)


It was fun and creative. I gave it a 3.


Nice map, but not as special as the comments would have me believe. I didn't even notice the mine was blocking that switch the first few times I played; it just wasn't a very prominent effect. That said, I bet there's a good puzzle map lying in the mine/teleporter combo if someone took the effort.


But I asked that if you want to play this one. You have to use debug. If you aren't accustomed to playing in debug mode either skip the map or shut up.
when you play it in userlevels it breaks the whole level anyway, you can't play half the map because your floating between life and death, so how can you be asked to derive full enjoyment? Not everyone uses debug mode.
ANY map would get -1 if it had a fake death. What if it was a fun, really creative map that involved the usage of fake deaths? Would you mark it down just because you didn't "like" fake deaths or because you couldn't put it in your userlevels? Honestly, if you don't like fake deaths, don't play it. Also, you should rate the map itself and how well it plays, not the tiny inconveniences like where you can play the map.

Since when

Did I rate down an image map because I don't have N-reality? That'd just be lame. I rate a map for how they play. Maps that involve fake death, including DDAs will always get -1 from me.


There's a difference between criticism and rating a map down for a stupid reason. That's like rating down an image map because you don't want to download Nreality to play it.


If you don't want my rating, disable the maps ratings. I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but if you can't take my critisizm then don't submit maps in the first place.

It's not like ratings even matter any more.
The map data seems to have gotten screwed up in the switch over to the new server or something. Before it got messed up, the only way out of the top area was to hit the right-most launchpad to explode the mine but cheat death and survive. That way, you could get to the right-hand side. Unfortunately, it got messed up. I guess I'll just delist it.


2 things to say.

1 - AMLT: you're an idiot. That's a really really stupid reason for rating down. If I took that into consideration I wouldn't have made the map in the first place. It's like saying I'm rating lower because this map exists.

2 - Miyoser: I tried playing that map but I couldn't figure out what to do or where this concept actually occurred. So it probably needed to be executed better (like you said).
Here. []
Still a great execution. 4/5.
But... Death cheating makes the map unplayable in userlevels.

Because this is a map I'dve liked to have had in my userlevels, and it's not userlevel-friendly, I'm afraid I'm going to have to rate it down from a 4 to a 3.


very cool
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Brilliant idea.

Guess Dave was wrong when he said that nothing more can be done with N.

Pretty fast AGD

i dont even need to comment

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Fastest completion

My favorite from the mobius too. You should use that concept in a larger map that does it multiple times. 5/5
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Oh my...

mow I wish I'd thought of that...

Not only is it one of the coolest innovations I've seen but it's also laid out within a balanced and fun map. Really cool.

Nice work. I liked the mine room up on top too. Kind of "into the lions mouth" if you will. I thought the gold was a little heavy, but maybe it'd be different if I was in userlevels. 5'd



Blackson you can always suggest it to someone who can =D
I like this map a lot, one of my favorites from mobius so far
if i could 5/5


Please watch if you are confused about this.
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