Reverse Psychology

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Author tktktk
Tags action author:tktktk bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-08-29
by 28 people.
Map Data

Description The exits are the enemies here, acting as guards for the nice pile of gold on the other side. And please people, go for the gold, not some wimpy completion. Level 2-0 of my episodes.

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little bit too simple/ unchallenging, still, 4/5

pnwd myself

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Demo Data


loved it


5 btw.


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Stupid demo you explicitly told my not to do.
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broke 130!

without cheating!
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Eben better!

Still improvable!
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With this reverse corner jump it looks much better :D
All gold of course. 4.5/5
HAH, best demo XD!
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I Win

All-Gold and exited in the middle. Would have done the far-left but screwed up T_T
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My least favorite

From your episodes, but it's still a 4/5.


So close!! So close!! =(
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Very original; great fun too 5/5


Oh darn it. I had a demo that goes all the way but I lost it.
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Oh yeah

Nice little puzzle. 4/5


Bug! Watch my demo!
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All-gold. This isn't the best level of this type around NUMA, but it's certainly one of the most stripped-down and polished. The first and last jumps are the toughest, I think. Excellent level! 4N
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I didn't think it was too hard. The last part is probably the toughest.
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I beat it though. A good idea. 3.5/5