Stilted Giraffes

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Author mammaletto
Tags action author:mammaletto playable rated tileset-adding-contest-ii
Created 2008-06-19
Last Modified 2008-06-19
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description For the Tileset Adding Contest Two
The objects were already placed and I builtthe tileset around them.
Only 1s, 5s, 6s, 7s and Es were allowed this round.


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A little bland, I think the thwumps could have been used a little better, and the rocket was pretty harmless.
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good use of tiles

nreality demo 4/5


Speed boost!!!

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A little trite, but everything flows together quite well. 4/5

not that fun. 3

agd. spuddy's doesn't work.
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I'm sick of these

maps. I think they have all been let down by the objects you were given.


copy the data from the box on this page that says 'Map Data'. Then open N, press '~' and copy the data into the top box. Then press 'l'.

how do u play the player created maps

Speedy agd

I like this. You made great use of all of the enemies. 5/5
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