Medical Mechanica

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Author tktktk
Tags author:tktktk bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-08-31
by 26 people.
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Description This is a cool little map with style. Not meant to be a challenge, just to be fun. Try for all-gold, or else.

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thats as good as it gets for now. i played this level a long time ago but i didnt have an acount. i like it now because i dont suck as much, still some but not as much, i think 4/5 or something
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I really liked this map, very inventive middle part and jumps. I like that it isn't too hard, also. Favorited, 5/5 and FLCL rocks.
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very fun map, good job, 4.5/5. lol, here's my amazing demo.
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For stylishness. One of my favourite yet.


Level 0-4. Brain Scratch is an episode of Cowboy Bebop.

FLCL is amazing.

Can't spot the other reference.


Nevermind, I can do it fine on another machine. My mac is simply too laggy...
I'm gonna buy a new mac in 2006/2007,


Someone finally caught it. Who can find the other anime reference in this series?


We do the fooly... and cooly.... and ooooOOOOoooooh. And foooly cooooooly!


Difficulty isn't the only consideration for map ratings in my book. The well-done theme gives this map a clean, refined feeling, but don't think its a cake-walk either! 4.5/5


For the praise guys. I really didn'texpect this to be so well received.

Astro: That's strange. If you're doing it the way I did in my demo you shouldn't be having that problem.


Completion. Great map.
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Not that... I know about that. But those mines just ALWAYS destroy me into five limbs.


Fantastic, stylish map.
Nice one tktktk.


By no means speedy though. Just made it because I love messing around on this map.
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Make sure you start the jump from the lowest point on that little piece of tile.


You know it.

My all gold demo pales in comparison to yours.
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Ok, this is plain IRONIC. I can't even climb up the the top half of the map. =\


Yep. Maps are all about fun fun fun. And a bit of challenge but that just frustrates newcomers. Let's see if I can cook up a demo.

All golded...

The best route, I think.
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