The World of Tetris

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Author wumbla
Tags author:wumbla awsomeness fun n-video rated tetris wumbla
Created 2008-06-22
Last Modified 2010-08-17
by 121 people.
Map Data

Description HOLY CRAP, I FINISHED. 15 hours of work and frustration came up with this. I added 3 more blocks, but my computer crashed and I used my backup. I am surprised that my computer hasn't exploded yet.

just load the data and watch, to see it faster (recommended) after it has loaded go into edit mode and back out to watch it go faster and smoother.

Cred to asian_gansgsta for this []

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that over 100 rates means that people really like this map.

It's basically a feature - without being featured...

No features?

This is as good as. Over 100 rates? You must be one of the few on NUMA with that privelige.

"what a wumblaful world."


I AM VERY SURPRISED that this map was not featured, i guess that all the featuring is going to the reviewers friends, this is really not acceptable after all this map and the work done on it is amazing. this map deserves to be featured and should get a 6 out of 5.
lolz and enjoy

Thank you

Map description fixed.

this has about one third as many objects as Afternoon Dragon Step 04... trust me... i developed a quick program to count he number of ^ and there are many many many more in that han there are in this...


I wanted it to load forever. :)

i loved



all tetris blocks are made up of 4 small squares ( in this case 4 enemies ). i found 1 block has five enemies in it


Why does it say tretris?


is way too obviously didn't put enough effort into it.
JK, this is fantastic, although 15 hours on one map sounds a bit excessive...?

100th rating

and still 5. :) this rocks.


WOW!!! WTF! I do agree with you, the tetris game isn't good, but the work on this is amazing and it must've been extremely difficult and long to make, faved


THAT owned. Wish bitesizing was still around. :'[




P for play


What the fuck... 5


is better than the other one. 55


just for fun, i tried playing it...
my screen was overrun by robots. lol

how do you add a map to your favorites, could you please leave a comment on one of my maps telling my how?

hm a little shotty

so mesmerizing to watch it after it loads


Very weird. Done before [], but this was just much longer. The weird thing is, both of you never played the game before making them. =O

This was still the longerest! =)


that is really cool. Would never have thought of this. Very nice. 4.5 but i'll round up plus faved.


I forgot how to favorite maps?


You spent 15 hours on this?!
Wow: 5/5aved


I gave it a 3/5 because I've seen similar things before, and it took it from a 5/5 after 70 to a 4/5 after 71. It should be really close, so I'm sure that a couple more 5s should bring it back up.


its ok

i mean its cool that you wasted several hours of your life to do this, and its also cool how you did it in N, but Meh
Just because you put a lot of work into a map, it doesn't mean it will be featured. You shouldn't be angry or upset just because someone else's map got featured and yours didn't.


This is the coolest thing I've ever see in my life.

As a corollary, I should probably get out more. :P

@ amlt

That game isn't, strictly speaking, Tetris. I've played crappy Tetris knockoffs that have dumb shapes too, but real Tetris blocks (or tetrominoes, as geeky smartypants refer to them) consist of 4 squares connected at the sides (not diagonally).

Anyways I just realized my whole life has been wasted and now I'm going to go jump off a cliff. Toodles!

Very good!

Did you read the comments on my snake maps? lol
I think the more known pieces for tetris consist of all 4 block pieces. I would say you'd get a better rating if you did that... but.. um... that'd be kinda hard. Considering this map is getting 5's from everyone anyways.

I'm working on a very long snake game right now.

Oh and 5aved.




my eyes wide open and mouth closed, drooling


great ...


!!!! ...
i mean:



Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet map


too scared to play it. dont want unecessearry computer crashing.

hahaha but 5aved!!!

I made something similar, obviously not as good, but inspired by this. I accidentally messed up on it though. []


that must have taken a lot of...time.


It's nothing new.