Sunshine Array

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Author MaximumRide
Tags action author:maximumride collaboration maxirus rated
Created 2008-06-25
Last Modified 2008-06-25
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description Holiday in the sun w/ Max_Ride and Evil_Bob.

Demo included, beat it please.

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It's fun, it looks good, it has interesting mechanics and alternative routes, and it's accessible to almost all skill levels. Very nice, guys! 5aved
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how metro

lacks chaos. 4/5
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Reallll nice


AGD. Woot. Loved it. 5/5
Demo Data


Good rating =)
I had to imitate his starting route to do it, too.
Demo Data

This map is awesome


Oh, on an unimportant note: fastest agd!
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this is cool

*thumbs up*

I enjoyed it.

It looked and felt like an Evil_Bob map. Good placement, great map for AGDs.


That was surprisingly easy.

First try AGD (really really slow though).
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pretty fast one I might add.
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Nope, no fbf

fbf'ing is for the weak. I cant even fbf that well anyway. ^^

btw faved.

Speed completion

I really like this. 5/5
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EVIL dEMO ^o_o^

I enjoyed this.
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All gold,

pretty slow.
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