Part 1 : Probably Won't Use

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags action author:evil_bob playable rated storytime
Created 2008-06-27
Last Modified 2008-06-27
by 8 people.
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Description Our story begins with a young ninja - as many stories often do. This particular ninja had just begun to play a shitty Evil_Bob map that had recently been created. The ninja was pretty exasperated by the annoying placement of the rocket. And the fact that you had to make more than a full rotation around the map was lame. Nonetheless this ninja started to run jump and skip for its life, as many ninjas often do. But there was one thing that the ninja did not know... The entire map was made from radioactive spaghetti! As the ninja neared the exit he fell into spaghetti induced comatose. Barely conscious the ninja stumbled into the exit.

To be continued...


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Dedication # 1 for Destiny.

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good but not that good. 3/5


yeah It wasn't one of my best.
i was right, but it was still good. so three.




laid back nature of this map really did me in. It was a fairly easy map, but had a great challenge for anyone interested in gold. The tileset greatly fit the description, but the description itself, well, that's another story. All in all, a true favorite from you.


pretty cool map.
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i liked the drones :D

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Good map