Wispbeach Sandmansion

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Author Orange
Tags action author:orange bnw playable rated sandmansion wispbeach
Created 2008-06-27
Last Modified 2008-06-27
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description BlckNWhteNnja was there for moral support. And he placed the exit door.

This is one of my favourite tilesets I've made. Completion can be done in a variety of ways, whereas AGD will have you trekking a more rigorous path. Enjoy.

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but also a little frustrating at parts.

love this map

and the tileset :]

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Faster AGD

Demo Data

Got an agd.

I forgot to go around at the end, so that's why there are about six or seven hundred more frames than there should be. I love the challenge, and I like the exit placement.

*nudge nudge*
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