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Author sTalkR
Tags action author:stalkr puzzle unrated
Created 2008-06-27
Last Modified 2008-06-27
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description action/puzzle hybrid. hard.

please believe me when i tell you that this is a well-thought out map that took a long time to create. i'd be grateful if this could be rewarded with comments/demos/ratings/whatever. i will RTF.

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I pressed 4 instead of five. I owe you a +1. :/


It's too hard for me to complete. But I had liked how you had to get certain switches in a certain order. Very well done.


you also have to activate some other switches in time. also (if you go for an AGD) you have to think about when getting which pieces of gold. but probably you didnt play the map yet. also you did not rate it. but i dont want your rate unless you complete it. maybe post a demo?

It's not exactly a puzzle. The only bit you have to 'work out' is to get the switch to move the drones. Still it is quite fun. It's hard mind. 4/5 would be 3.5