Nucleanic Electronivox

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob exploration featured hand-drawn image-map nreality playable rated
Created 2008-06-28
Last Modified 2009-12-28
by 26 people.
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Description For proper enjoyment, please use NReality []

I like the outcome of this. It's pretty cool. The editing is a little sloppy but it is really hard to get the scale exactly right with scanned images. The top/bottom proportions were a little odd for some reason as well.

Here is a tip to playing it: Look for what can and cannot be a physical tile. If looks like a tile from N it's probably a tile from N. You people play N enough you should be able to recognize an N tile from something that can't be an N tile. Sheesh.

Also - Cred to LittleViking for A little testing of the map. He helped with the guass section.

This map was featured on 2012-04-14

Evil_Bob never ceased to amaze me with the maps he posted. This is no exception. His use of NReality in this map, Nucleanic Electronivox, is amazingly well done. He combines the elements of adventure with action to create a puzzling new world. It's honestly addicting to play this map again and again, finding new things about it every time. And, did I mention the background? Fucking beautiful work. — Sunset

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I downloaded nreality just because of evilbob one time

Fuck yeah.

Great map.

Good choice.

I greatly enjoyed.

you could feature almost any Evil_Bob map and i would be ok with it. one of the best.
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5 and saved definitely!


this is art alright...
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I'm thinking of doing a better/easier version of this.
Which this one does. I don't like the zap drones, but they're hardly a threat. On the other hand, that chaingun is a pain in the arse. The image is very cool (I can't believe it was scanned!), but I didn't like exploring it with the enemies. :/
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The thing is that this level isn't going for standard game play. It was intended to be pretty crazy and confusing. I maybe should have gone for less enemies but I liked the level.


I was having quite a good time, and then the fecking image loaded. Not impressed, how on earth could that be considered an improvment in terms of gameplay?
I copy,load the data, but suddenly the text disappears and only the numbers are left


Just paste the map data into the neditor level data box, load it up and play!

I HAVE N REALITY BUT i dont know how to do that could you explain to me how to do it?
Even though it was the mine that got me this time.

Not bad though; I didn't play with NReality - as I've said before I don't rate a map for it's background image I rate it for it's playability. Honestly, this map plays quite well.

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Bad map.

I'm assuming

that if I were to play these types of maps more I would get what each thing is, but it's just damn confusing right now.

Awesome to look at, though. :)
And its fun to try to find where you are supposed to go. Awesome atmosphere. 5/5
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Also quite possibly the only image map done by scanning in a piece of paper.


Nicely done, Bob. The first epic image map in months. I will agree that the image makes the map far too confusing, though-- some sort of separation between the passable and non-passable portions would make this map a lot more enjoyable and fun.




On nreality. So you can see where to go.


I'm going to have to wait until I get home to play it, but the image is just... wow.


That's why it's marked as exploration. You have to feel your way.
I'm having a hard time telling what's part of the map and what isn't.