The Lost Carpet Turtles

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags author:evil_bob contest featured high-octane nnrpg no-jump playable rated
Created 2008-06-30
Last Modified 2009-11-21
by 14 people.
Map Data

Description < NOTE: NO JUMP MAP. Thank you >

Welcome to this gym. I hope you lose by the way. No hard feelings? Aight.

Remember it has to be no-jump and thwumpy! NOW MAP BITCH!

There's a slow no-jump demo on Nreality for you if you care.

This map was featured on 2009-11-20

If rocket_thumped's TDoSEMF is the Giovanni of the Neditor Nation competition, then Evil_Bob's The Lost Carpet Turtles, besides having a brilliant name, is all of the Elite Four rolled into one. It's an immense undertaking to play, as any veteran of the aforementioned (awesome!) contest will tell you, but the satisfaction of an AGD is unparalleled.

Literally every nook and cranny of this map has some sort of innovative no-jump mechanic, and each section offers you the delightful chance to screw yourself.

Having said that, I'm going to go screw myself again.

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it only took 9 years
Demo Data

AGD -6

so damn hard
i can't feel my fingers but I will continue trying for an AGD
if i don't post one then i died from carpel-tunnel syndrome
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this is quite a bland no-jump map if I ever complained about one.


to speedrun.
Demo Data

Demo Data


Thanks for the feature! =D

I always liked this one. It was so fun to make!
Gary can't possibly exist; more condensed awesome than this would cause a black hole.

Freaking amazing.

Wow that's hard

Nice feature flag.
How's the site and stuff coming?
This is a great way to get word around. Plus, no one's gonna complain if you feature maps like these. Thanks, brah.

yer welcome for all the advertising pheidi. maybe more people will join if this ever gets off the ground again.

5aved really good

Likes the beginning.


You peeps gotta do it the right way.

Very nice job nDEAVOUR =D


are doctor evil ;_;
OMGOMGOMG, I spent 5 hours on that agd, whoa... 5 out of 5 from me
Demo Data
No, you may not jump for an AGD on this Gym. Demos must all be no-jump.

im confused

has pheidi had a definite answer

agd jump
Demo Data



you're killing me.

I guess that's up to judges/admin but personally I would say you shouldn't be able to jump because technically speaking it's not completing the level correctly.
But couldnt I count my AGD demo even if I did jump. Because just because the mapping rule sais no jump doesnt mean that I cant jump on my demo.



*gasp *gasp *gasp
Demo Data





*sob* God, I'm going to have to work on my map for this gym now.



That rule was kinda.. added after I made this. That's the first I heard of it. I guess that probably means you can use it in this gym however I will have to discuss that with Pheidippides. It's not like anyone will reach here that soon so it's not an issue at the moment.


But no jumps should make it interesting =D


I just realized that you used manual nediting

All. Gold. Demo.

Too. Much. Effort.
Eyes. Bleeding.
Hands. Sore.
Throat. Dry.
Screw. You.
Demo Data


This is gonna be hard...

*tugs shirt collar*


easier way to do the very beginning.

is AGD possible?
Demo Data

i loved this one

in my opinion, the comp is over, because no one is gonna beat this.


Anoying starts

are way better than anoying endings.
But once you got into the middle section, it's truly amazing.

was hard

to complete for me (just getting into the bottom right section from the middle)


For help with judging.
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