Again and...AGAIN

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Author lord_tjr15
Tags again author:lord_tjr15 deja-vu hard repeating unrated
Created 2008-06-30
Last Modified 2008-07-03
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Map Data

Description You will get a feeling of "deja vu" on this level. WHEN DOES IT END?!?!

EDIT: Made a few adjustments on the bottom left area and a bit on the top right area... it was a little harder than what I wanted.

There is someone that has a demo now =). Grats The_Smart_Alex for being the first person to beat this level =).


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Yeah it was ANNOYING, lol!
When I got near the end on my first try I'm like, "Oh great the TRAP BOX trick," but then I figured out where each of them were and avoided the rest on one try eventually.
Took about... 40-50 tries about, lol!
But, it was fun!
I'll keep adding more levels later to my profile.
Just check up every once and a while.
Once again, nice level!


Good job, The_Smart_Alex, you are the first person I have seen to beat my level =). I bet that you got killed by some of those traps I have set close to the end. I bet you died there a couple of times and you were like,"No! I was soooo close!" lol.


So I started on your level yesterday and beat it today.
It was super hard, but I by passed every little stunt of yours lol!
Here's a video of it for you to see.
I give this level a 4/5, good job!
Talk to you later!
Demo Data
now that you've changed the size of the mines shaped like a 'house' the level is much more enjoyable!!! So far I've gotten to the bottom right corner, but i'm not giving up yet...
Wish me luck!

out of date demo

the first post of mine with demo is for the old version... sorry. No demo on the new version yet.

thanks on the comment on the metroid, b_radster1 =).


This is very cool!!!
I like your metroid picture


here is a DEMO data on this level....
Demo Data