Three And Two Are My Freinds

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Author Evil_Bob
Tags 2and3 author:evil_bob fecal-flinging laser playable rain-collecting rated
Created 2008-06-30
Last Modified 2008-06-30
by 11 people.
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Description Crazy non-linear laser gantlet of pillows. And exciting fun-filled jelly dough nut of a ride with plenty of hair-snipping action for the whole family. A cow-tipping brain-bashing rain-collecting level that will have you splinting the seams of that brand new tee. Have an odorous time playing this fabulous fecal-flinging map.

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The lasers can shoot through small cracks you cant fit into...
They snipe everywhere and its hard to see the path in which you can fit. I got the key :D Couldnt make it back. BTW, i love the description.
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Plus, I just can't do it! *cries*.


rated fast >_<

Fun level

And you have the funniest descriptions. :)



was going to rate it 4/5 until i read discription, lol

First try death demo.
Pretty fun, I like how it's different from most other maps.
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The level

is hard btw.


at the description. haven't even played the level.