A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger

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Author rocket_thumped
Tags author:rocket_thumped dronie-nom featured hard no-jump playable race rated
Created 2008-06-30
Last Modified 2009-11-05
by 53 people.
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Description This is a no-jump race. Probably my best no-jump race so far. Please enjoy.

This map was featured on 2008-08-08

A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger. A Masterpiece of Flow and Ingenuity. Even though it requires an extremely linear and exact route to finish, it's still amazing to play and marvel at. It can be difficult to find the route, but once you do it's easy to see the genius.

Also Kongsvinger appears to be a city and municipality in Norway. So the title makes a lot more sense if you know that. — Evil_Bob

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can't believe I haven't this. amazing.
and finally beat it. Even though it's pretty much an interactive DDA, it's brilliant.
And it felt pretty intuitive to me, contrary to what some said. I only rememebered how to do the beginning from before, and the rest seemed easy to figure out to me.
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I finally...

Got the hang of this map and beat it. I always admired it as a DDA-like exercise in close calls and tight level design. Fortunately, it's also fun to play.
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i lOVe this map!!!! most original race ever made i think..deffinately a 5!!!!

Really nice map.

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Much faster

Cheated the top a bit.
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Got you by one frame r_t =p This map is freakin' insane, amazing job (=
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How... but... why...


Wow. Awesome map.

@ dfriel

I'm not sure if you wanted help or not, but when you hit the bottom left launchpad you need to hit the left button as soon as possible so you can keep enough steam to reach the ledge under the floorgaurd.

closer and closer

definitely 5/5aved!! this will be my last post until completion...(i promise) *hand on my cold black heart*
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mclovin' it...

awesomely designed...quite fun and amazing...i have yet to watch the demo showing how to get past this part here (see demo) but i will soon...
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You just have to try and squeeze every little bit of speed out of the map.

You're only pressing two buttons.


I've not been agreeing with the featured maps lately and I thought the same would be of this. Holy heckle! I literally held my breath until I was forced to inhale while watching the demo. This is flipping awesome! Gratz, kudos, +rep, and all other forms of flattery to you, rocket_thumped. It's so perfectly designed beyond belief, it's... well... unbelievable! {/praise}


(omgwtfbbq this is awesome!)

The only negative

I can think of is that it's not very intuitive... but if that's the price to pay for this kind of ingenuity I'll gladly cough up.

Fav'd, fo sho.


It appears you aren't going fast enough.
i am not even kidding do you think i can just make up this shit.


very fun. 5/5
but other than that, it's great (from what I can see by looking at your demo).
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Just Brilliant.

As far as I've gotten so far.
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great use of space




I hardly ever find a map that u can beat while not jumping...especially moving alot around the whole screen.. o.0 nice map =)

It was alright

I don't like maps where I can't really get the hang of the controls until I watch someone elses demo though.
Nice job!
Literally jaw-dropping.


5/5 would fit this.


I made a small aesthetic change.



I love this

Amazing map ( I play tested a bit so I've played it already =D)


All gold demo...

To help you find the way.
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