transcend or deep ends

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue deep inoex unrated well
Created 2008-07-01
Last Modified 2010-03-30
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Description the choice is yours...

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hey atob!

I think we had already spoke about this, can you give me your feedback in a couple of maps, well, actually 5 of them? Some are conceptual, and most of them semi-tough, but would be very interesting to me know your opinion in them. The ones with a single bean (5 golds stacked) are from a thematic column in which aimed to have something like the Bandages in SMB but keeping always 400 frames of difference from sr to hs for the collection of the Bean deserves wortgwhile, but being this an extra challenge. Thanks in advance.

Here's the list:

Once again, thank you.

Gotcha, fotf

first completion, took me several tries to get it though. I must say the right-hand side confused me once I got all the gold but couldn't find an exit.
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cool idea.
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I like it just no exit...
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While I do love the design and general concept behind this map, it does have some what I would consider major flaws. I actually loved the left, but I felt like you sacrificed aestheticism for play - which is fine and all, but the inconsistency of "tile-style", if you well, on the right really drew away from the experience for me. As for the right, I thought the rocket was very irritating and much too bothersome for such a close-quarters section. Perhaps a gauss or something might've worked better? I don't know.

But, I did enjoy this a lot regardless and I do hope that you'll continue to explore this idea, because I think it could end up making for an incredible map.


that was the whole point. Greed vs. Transcendence. You had to either go for the gold on the right and sacrifice completing the map, or go for the exit on the left goldlessly.

I've yet to play this, but I like the idea. I'll probably comment again in a few moments with some general criticism on the actual map.


it's pretty crazy how much shit this got buried under in only 2 hours.

Not impressed.

The left hand side was pretty shit, and the right side (which was well good) had no exit. And I play in userlevels so I can't demo it...


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this tileset

is some kind of sex


you for making me choose!
but it is really good. both sides play really well.