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Author nevermore
Tags author:nevermore playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-09-02
by 10 people.
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Description I decided I wanted to challenge myself, so I tried what tktktk's doing and made a map entirely out of tiles, gold, mines and an exit door. It was really tough for me to prevent cheating without using objects such as oneways.
Anyway, nice little puzzle here, with a little gold challenge.

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Slow. Riiiight.
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Y'all are slow.
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That one was good too.

Right, oh

By the way, I anticipated what you did, however I thought that it was too difficult for anyone to execute it successfully. I'll leave it in, just because it's a challenge to do it.

How about

"Walk the other way?"
Did you like that one? If so, I've got another in that style coming up.

But yeah, recently I really feel like I've been exploring possibilities more and more with level making. It's totally fun.


Is an alternate method of getting the switch.

I've liked your maps a lot more lately because they've been in a different style. Karma Warp, Burlap, Blue Fuzz, and now Jingle were all fantastic.
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Nope, si11y putty

That's how the map was intended to be played. There's also a slightly different variation of that route in this demo.
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I liked it

i did this demo without looking at yours so i don't know if it's cheating.
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Greatness! I liked it a lot. Nice and fun. 4/5

By the way

Surprisingly, this map to ages to make.

All gold

Don't look unless you're stuck.
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