clouded and twice as sky-bound

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue deep featured unrated well
Created 2008-07-02
Last Modified 2019-06-16
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Description as sunlight veneers
and rainbow tears
blister my window pane...

the grey sky rolls
caress nightmare contortions
i think maybe
it's my interpretation

This map was featured on 2013-09-06

They say you should dream big. Reach for the stars.

So we do. We live with our heads up in the clouds, chasing our dreams until we can’t even see the ground upon which we stand and the hands of those that lift us up.

Real ambition is grounded. It isn’t grasping at the stars in the sky but rather finding our own light and aiming to burn far brighter than anything the heavens could ever invent.

We can see for miles into space, but you’ll never know what awaits you behind locked doors unless you fall back to Earth. — Pizzles

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i guess he's busy doing fuck-all
Sorry to get all philosophical on everyone but it felt appropriate because this is a fuckin piece of art


I figured something like that, should have googled.

Oh, sorry.

Brett was spouting Phish lyrics.


Who perform?
It makes me sad..
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I kinda wish it were possible to complete.
Still nice, though.
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my point.

We breathe deep

in a steam dream
and plunge below the water line
down, down, down, down
between the beams
and the gloom room
among the seaweed and the slime
down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down.


i dont get it

i like it...

and this works better than the open one

It would be good if you wrote something about the level itself in the description. Is this incomplete? For a contest or something...? I don't understand it.