The Pillow Ants Go Marching

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Author formica
Tags action author:formica bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-09-03
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description A very strange map indeed.

It plays very strangely, and is surprisingly quite hard. It's... very odd. But, anyway, here it is.

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i love pillow ants

and because of that i love this level


One of Heartview's maps:

I quite like this, it's weird to play but it's really fun.


Would be plain cool IMO if this was turned into a DDA but hey... A good DDA needs action.
This level reminds me of molecules...
The bounceblocks being atoms.
But I'm no chemist so I have no idea what I'm talking about.


nvm it dissappeared...


how do u have 3 maps on the newest page?

I may...

Have gotten the title from there. It does sound vagualy familiar...


Would these be the same pillow ants as, um, erm...

Darn. I remember there was this one map where you had to collect the pillow ant eggs (gold) but you had to go quickly, and there were a lot of bounceblocks in the chambers to slow you down.