Laser sirens

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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing drone-mod dronemod nreality rated
Created 2008-07-04
Last Modified 2008-07-04
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description ***Use Nreality v6c2 []***

Trying out the rotating laser drone mod []

It lags quite a bit on my computer (imagine that!), but hopefully it doesn't on yours. Tileset is nothing special... it just gets the job done and (for me, anyways) seems to help reduce lag (not sure why, but it does) (which is why alot of it is empty)

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great fun

difficult, but not too difficult

nice use of the Mod


Best use of rotational lasers so far (IMO), but I'm just catching up with all of this ObjectMod stuff. 4/5.

Demo Data


awesoome. 5/5


on NReality :D


I have to use this mod sometimes 4/5


It seemed to help for me, so...


*comment compliment and rating*
But like I said, the simpler I kept it, the less it lagged.

Thanks for the CCR (Comment, comment, and rating)


Worked perfectly for me - NO Lag and it was a neat lil challenge. some variety in the tiles would have been nice but thanks for sharing. 4
Those random triangles are laser drones (If they look like triangles... they might not)