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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 image-map nreality objectmod playable playermod rated
Created 2008-07-04
Last Modified 2008-07-04
by 25 people.
Map Data

Description If you do not play this in NReality, it will be no different from my map Tilt [].
If you do, it will almost certainly be the weirdest map you've ever played.

Note: you might want to switch your arrow keys before starting.

Also, all of the mods I used can be found here [] (assuming, of course, that you can find them).

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Don't like it.

Too wierd. What asth said.
tell me on my map


the only difference is the rockets.
cause you just set left right arrow and right to left arrow


Demo Data




Demo Data


Demo Data

i beat it



that was insane. it was like having a dream of N. but insanly! 5/5

Nice effect

Could've been done better though. By which I mean that more could have been messed up. Still good for a laugh. 3/5.

ATOB: "I'm aware this is all supposed to be fun and a light hearted release..." - It doesn't seem like it, because as a light-hearted release, this is fine. You can't be serious about "there's so much talent on offer here that's not being guided properly", because by that logic there should be no light-hearted releases, and that's a silly notion.
Showing off the mods =)


I'm not sure you needed to back down on this. I'll admit that most of the points you made are good ones, though I would consider this map to be good at what it was intended for.

Either way, I have been submitting entirely too many test maps recently. (People kept rating them up; what can I say?) What I meant in my previous comment is that I would attempt to create a fun playable map focused on at least some of the new mods.


your map is a fun example of possibilities. I'm sorry I was so blunt with my point, I didn't mean for it to be a dig at you.

If there was a challenge at all it was to the general NUMA community. Simply get behind each other in a more productive way. Handing out 5/5s on a daily basis isn't a breading ground for progressive creativity.

I'm aware this is all supposed to be fun and a light hearted release, and I certainly don't want to seem like a drain, but (and I'm sorry if this seems patronizing) there's so much talent on offer here that's not being guided properly.

It's easy to tell someone their work is brilliant, it's such a bigger worry to point out the negatives in things but it really is the only way to grow.

Once again, I'm sorry if I cause upset, I don't consider myself greater than anyone I just think we should put more thought into things sometimes :)
I accept your challenge.
The map itself is nothing special. As a showcase of NReality's new features, it's great.
noone is bothering to learn how to get the best from the original NED. People are just throwing in the first gimmick they can think of and everyone is going mad over it. Only 1 or 2 of the recent newcomers have listened to anything that older members have said, and done anything worth playing more than once.
At some point a better map maker will get hold of these mods and show us all what a 5/5 should really be.

Hopefully then we'll realize how simply and poorly implemented (over an already average and generic map, no less) this maps is andt put more thought into voting for mod maps in general.

Until then, expect the next few users who cut and paste Unreality's innovations to be swamped under similar thoughtless praise.

It takes more than an upside down ninja and a few fancy lights to make a masterpiece; some of you people are far too easily impressed.

The death of N.


first try, haha 5/5
Demo Data


Didn't mean for the o_O_o_O_o_O_o_O_o_O_os to run on like that. Sorry.


You're right

it is a joke, I can accept that ;)

It's certainly /not/ a flawless example of mapping ability.


This is a /joke/. It's a funny playermod, with a funny objectmod, with a confusing -and very fitting- background and foreground image.

Damnit take a joke, can you?

faster :D

but really you could have used some better background image... :(
Demo Data

This is awful...

The image is *very* crudely layered and the gameplay is an absolute shambles. Pretty much any user could take an old map, cut and paste the correct syntax, fiddle with the numbers a couple of times and whack it up on NUMA exclaiming it to be a success; I can't believe so many of you rated this a 5.

A very poor attempt to implement the new mods, imo.


I beat it.
Demo Data


Those must be the stupidest rockets I have ever seen..


Hi Numby

You need version 6c2 :)

Not working

I'm using Nreality5b and it's not working for me. Do I need a more recent version?
It might've been cocaine...

Holy Shit...

Pfft. Those two are very easy to do.


My eye broke. eyes.
like how you made the door huge and the gold green


nice use of negative numbers


From the comments i was expecting something special...
...actually, come to think of it, I did consume a large amount of sugar before starting this...


If you tell me this was not drug-induced for any reason at all, I shall not believe you.



THAT IS SOO FREAKIN AWESOME!!#$!@%^#@$)*@^)%(&@#)(!*%^+@!%^#*^% 555555554555555555555555555555555555555555/5